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Year 8 Perspective

Stefan Mutu

My name is Stefan Mutu and I am a Year 8 student at St Joseph’s. I came from St Patrick’s Primary in Donaghmore which is a small school. I was a little nervous moving to a bigger school but looking back now I really had no need.

The teachers and students are really friendly at St Jospeh’s and there was always someone at hand to help or offer advice. The teachers got to know us really quickly and this helped me to feel at home and part of the community here at St Joseph’s. I really love this school.

I have made lots of new friends since I arrived. Even though our year group is big there aren’t too many students so you do get to know most people quickly. I have found the teachers to be really helpful and they make sure you understand all the work.

The food from the canteen is unbelievable and they serve something different every day! My favourite subjects are french, mathematics, history and home economics.  I look forward to coming to school to see my friends and I can’t wait for all the exciting challenges ahead of me in 2022!