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Cairde Brogán Foundation

At St. Joseph’s/Scoil Iósaef, we recognise that the move from primary to postprimary school can be daunting.  We proactively work in collaboration with parents and our new Year 8 students to make the process as smooth as possible. 

The Cairde Brogán Foundation was established in November 2017 in memory of a former member of staff, Sr Mary Brogán.  The core aim of the Foundation is to build a powerful network of individuals and organisations that will offer practical support and guidance to current and past students of St Joseph’s as they progress along their career journeys.  The creation of the Foundation was borne out of an acknowledgment that there is a rapidly changing employment landscape, which means our students will enter a future work force and compete for jobs that do not yet exist. 

The Foundation recognises that it is imperative that as a school, we seek to identify the skills base needed for our students to succeed in the workforce of the future and ensure they are offered real life opportunities to make them ‘work force ready’.

St Joseph’s believes in the power of community and the Cairde Brogán Foundation seeks to promote high level collaboration with employers, innovation hubs, and other education providers.  It is hoped this collaboration will create tangible, career related opportunities to empower our students to be ready to take up their place in a rapidly changing world.

“The Cairde Brogán Foundation will give our students the opportunities, experiences, and skills for the world of work that will set them apart from others.”

– Mrs Geraldine Donnelly, Principal of St Joseph’s Grammar School/ Scoil Iósaef

The Cairde Brogán Foundation seeks to harness the skills and experience of our patrons to offer a range of opportunities to our student body, including:

  • Career mentoring;
  • Work placement opportunities;
  • Job coaching;
  • Interview skills training;
  • Internships;
  • Higher apprenticeship opportunities;
  • Professional referrals and endorsements;
  • Scholarships for further study;
  • Scholarships for sport and the arts;
  • Entrepreneurial guidance and training;
  • Fundraising to support the work of the Foundation;
  • Opportunities to work shadow leaders in their field.

Financial Scholarships

In October 2021, The Cairde Brogán Foundation launched ‘The Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarship’ and ‘The Cairde Brogán Embracing Talent Scholarship’. 

These new financial scholarships aim to promote academic, sporting, and arts success among current and past pupils of the school.  Our principal, Mrs G. Donnelly, described her delight at the launch of these new scholarships. Mrs Donnelly outlined her vision that “the financial support offered by these scholarships will support our pupils, past and present, to realise their ambitions and ensure that financial limitations do not impede their dreams”.  

Mrs Donnelly explained the scholarships are a “practical expression of the legacy of Sr Mary Brogán who revelled in the successes of our students long after they left St. Joseph’s”. 

The Cairde Brogán Embracing Talent Scholarship

The Cairde Brogán Embracing Talent Scholarship is offered to current students who can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution to sport or the arts and who can clearly articulate how the funding will further support ambitions.

Applications for this scholarship will open in mid-November 2021. 

Further details of the application process will be posted on the school website and through the various social media channels.

The Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarship

The Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarship provides financial support to high achieving past pupils of St Joseph’s Grammar School.  In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Scholarship will offer one past pupil financial assistance to support the payment of undergraduate or postgraduate degree tuition fees.  

Applications for this scholarship will open in mid-October 2021. 

Further details of the application process will be posted on the school website and through the various social media channels.